PCB Launches Official Anthem Of PSL 6 (Groove Mera)

The Pakistanis are preparing for the sixth season of matches of the HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL). Ahead of the matches, PSL 6 launched its official anthem on February 6. The first female-led hymn, Groove Mera, came as a pleasant surprise to viewers who witnessed Naseebo Lal’s powerful voice with pop star Aima Baig. Young Stunners brought a hip-hop element to the song through their rap.

PSL Season 6 Official Song 2021

The video made by Fida Moin perfectly captures the feelings of cricket enthusiasts who may not be able to witness their favorite players live in the stadium, but will continue to cheer on their teams from their homes. Regardless of age, gender or ethnicity, cricket has brought Pakistanis together time and time again. It gave our nation times to look forward to, to celebrate.

Cricket brings a sense of belonging and excitement to him, a feeling that the anthem sums up. Whether played in the stadium or at home, the beat of the song is sure to pump the energy of its listeners. However, “Groove Mera” has also been the subject of much criticism online.

Listeners were of the opinion that the anthem had very little to do with cricket and that the lyrics fell short either. But then, Tayyar Hain, the anthem of PSL 5 first met a lot of criticism. The singers presented in the fifth and sixth editions of the hymns are very different, the two videos are visually opposed. Everyone brings with them a sense of joy, confidence and accomplishment. Yet both hymns have been criticized by the public.

Celebrities came especially to defend the PSL 6 Live anthem and emphasized the importance of developing our local music industry. Hosting an event during a pandemic is inherently risky and the least people can do to support their local talents is to appreciate their efforts to put on a show that will entertain the masses. It’s not every day that cricket comes home, but when it does it should be applauded and celebrated.

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